The Outernet is the biggest purpose built venue to be opened in Central London since the Forties.   Built to reinvigorate the music scene, it is already an absolute success and we are very proud to have played such a major part in the construction process.  The project included the HERE Music Venue (2000 capacity),  The Lower Third Bar and Music Venue (450 capacity), a Music Bar, a Street Bar, a VIP area, two Green Rooms, a warren of corridors and staircases and WCs.

We are very happy to let the client tell you all about it:

“WFC were engaged as the principle contractors to build two entertainment venues and a music bar on Denmark Street in Central London. The engagement was on a very tight deadline with construction drawings not complete and significant open design issues to resolve. The lead Architects “Archer Humphries” had been brought on board late and everybody was playing catch up. While the design element of the project was not complex, the project required quick decisive action and an ability to be rigid on process but flexible on client procedures. WFC did both superbly well. WFC, during significant supply chain challenges, were able to bring on required sub-contractors and build a cohesive team to deliver the project on-time and on-budget. From a client prospective, I cannot say enough about the WFC “can do” attitude and the professionalism and energy of their on-site team. The on-site team respected the client property (which was also challenging as the job had multiple other contractors on site during the build) and with safety in mind were able to control client direct subs as well. The on-site team led by Jerry and Chris did an excellent job, exemplified by delivering the last smaller music venue on-time when nobody thought they would be able to!  I would have absolutely no hesitation referring WFC for other projects; and more importantly hope to find a way to work with them on another project in the future.  Thank you to Paul, Steve, Mark, Alex and the whole WFC team.”  Team Outernet