We were told from the start that this project would challenge the art of the possible in terms of accuracy, innovation and attention to detail, and it was.

The combinations of stone floors, timber screens, metal trims, papered panels, and ceiling beams all line up precisely throughout the venue. This has been achieved by a combination of careful design, accurate setting out, narrow tolerance manufacture, skilful installation, and the determination to maintain exacting standards from start to finish of the project, bringing to fruition what is a stunning restaurant.

As is so often the case with our projects, the team had to deal with the added complexity of working above the ground floor, in an occupied 48-storey building with the associated access, delivery and noise restrictions.

That the end result is so pleasing is a testament to the manner in which the whole team – contractors, designers, clients, and project managers – worked together to achieve the clearly articulated objectives of the project.

“Even at the design stage of Bob Bob Cité, it was clear that it will be the most complex and challenging restaurant interior in London. Having worked with WFC previously on our first restaurant – Bob Bob Ricard – there was no doubt in our mind that they are the right (and quite possibly the only) choice for such an incredibly challenging project. We were so confident in their professionalism and integrity that the multi-million-pound General Contract was awarded without tender and every expectation that we had on timeliness, quality and cost management without compromising the design has been exceeded by them many times over.”

Leonid Shutov – Bob Bob Cite