To all our friends in business :

Firstly, we hope that you, your family and friends are keeping well.

We’d just like to update you about how WFC are coping with the impact of the Coronavirus, and how we are using this unusual period in our personal and working lives.

We have been back at work on two sites for some time, and have successfully adapted to working with the additional risks presented by Covid-19. Other sites remain closed whilst our clients decide how to proceed given the radically different operating environment that they find themselves in. More positively, there are a number of new projects expected to start in August.

Whilst some staff remain on furlough, others are working on design development, costing, and procurement of suspended or future projects. We are confident that there is sufficient work in the pipeline for the majority of our team to pick up when we are again allowed to travel and work with enough freedom to be both safe and effective.

We are keeping in close contact with our supply chain partners, as they will be key to the successful resumption of works, with a particular eye on any difficulties in procurement of materials originating from outside of the UK.

With an eye on the longer term, there is of course concern about the extent to which our clients in leisure and hospitality will have the appetite to invest in new projects. If you have any insight or thoughts on this we would love to hear from you, to help us plan for our business going forward.

Though this has been an incredibly steep learning curve for all of us, we do believe that some of the lessons and solutions will stand us in good stead for the future. Once we have negotiated this bump in the road, we will be stronger for it.

We hope that you will be strong too and that we will be working with lots of you on exciting projects in what will no doubt be a very different world from the one we left in the middle of March.